BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hi Everyone!

It was mild enough yesterday evening that we tossed a couple of strips on the grill and had a nice relaxed dinner.

I do grill when possible in the Winter but to be honest I do not think it is the best conditions for my grill to be at its best potential. The hood closed when cooking, is cold and I, (unscientifically), think there is a big energy transfer out from the grates.

Yeah I am overthinking the deal for sure. The bottom line is I will stand on the deck to cook a streak but I am too much of a weeny to brave the elements for a burger. ( A long way to go for that line.)

Another mild evening coming up, and over the next seven days we, still, only have two chilly days and nights. Great consistency in the outlook.

Not a lot else shaking, to be honest. And again I do not think we are out of the winter weather woods yet. But live in the moment and enjoy another mild mid-late February day.


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