BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Trash Wheel Family has become a staple in Baltimore waterways, with Mr. Trash Wheel and his two companions, Professor Trash Wheel and Captain Trash Wheel, removing more than 1,300 tons of trash and debris from the Harbor.

“Including over 1 million foam containers and over 11 million cigarette butts,” said Adam Lindquist, Director of Healthy Harbor Initiative at Waterfront Partnership.

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Those numbers only tell a part of the story as that relatively simple design and those unforgettable eyes have attracted quite the following.

A beer, stuffed toys and t-shirts have all been inspired by the trash wheels and soon the Trash Wheel Family will be expanding.

“We are in the process right now of building Baltimore’s fourth trash wheel, it will be installed at the end of the Gwynn Falls Stream over in the Middle Branch,” Lindquist said.

But this trash wheel doesn’t yet have a name, and for that the Waterfront Partnerships’ Healthy Harbor Initiative is turning to the public for help.

“I think I would name it Mrs. Trash Wheel.” someone said.

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“I would name it Sebastian Trash Wheel because it looks like a lobster.” another said.

“Trashy McTrash Wheel, we’ll go with something like that.” another said.

“I think we should go off-key and go with something like Mr. Green, kinda like Mr. Clean.” another said.

Lindquist said they’ve gotten more than 3,000 name suggestions.

“We’ve got some fun suggestions, I think Grandmaster Trash and Gwenda the Good Wheel of the West. So no, I don’t think it has to have trash wheel in the name,” Lindquist said.

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If you have a name suggestion, you have until April 1 to submit it before they narrow the selections down and open it up for voting.

Sean Streicher