By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday Eve! Isn’t it great that we have now brought Thursday into the weekend vibe mix? I mean by turning a dull Sunday into “Sunday Funday,” humanity has extended the weekend vibe until the exact very last few hours before it is back to school and work. All you have to do is subscribe to the mindset. Happy “Friday Eve” everyone!

This “Friday Eve” will be a cool one. The cool weather continues into Friday. Then the no longer expected” but now “guaranteed” warm-up begins.

And the daytime high, at times during the next few days, are easier described as just a few degrees shy of 60. (For instance 57° on Sunday and Monday. Both day’s 3 shy of 60°.)

This weekend marks the two weeks point until we return to Daylight Savings Time. Yesterday evening I was leaving the gym at 5:30 and it just stopped me in my tracks how bright it was and that in two weeks that is what 6:30 will look like. And this evening note just how late it is when automatic lights go.

The days are getting really longer, and the weekend is at our doorstep. Happy to report just good news from the weather side of Studio A this morning.



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