BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For the first time since records have been kept, Baltimore may go an entire month of February without seeing accumulating snow.

As of Friday, no measurable snow has happened in the Baltimore area this month and no snow is in the forecast. With just eight days left in the month, if the pattern holds, February 2020 could be the first February in 150 years to not see any snow.


Helping to keep Baltimore snow-free are above-normal temperatures: so far this month, we’re nearly eight degrees above normal.

It’s also been a wet month, but that precipitation has fallen as rain instead. As of Friday, Baltimore has seen just over 2.5 inches of rain for the month, nearly half an inch above average for the month.

Despite that, other parts of the state have seen snow. Thursday night, southern Maryland and parts of the Eastern Shore, including Ocean City, saw some light flurries.

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