BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ice melt and shovels take up prime real estate on the shelves of the Ace Hardware in Waverly. So far this season, they haven’t exactly been flying out the door.

“It’s gonna have to go on discount at some point,” said manager Mike Marren.

While one may think a nearly snowless winter could mean trouble for business, Marren said that hasn’t been the case.

“It just doesn’t seem like winter without the snow. There’s something a little less magical about it, and it doesn’t hurt business either,” he said.

Instead, Waverly Ace Hardware has been making sales of grilling and home improvement supplies as residents shift their attention to the arrival of spring.

“(They’re) fixing sidewalks and painting their houses and things like that,” Marren said.

At Green Fields Nursery, some plants are faring better than others.

“Evergreens are vulnerable to drying out in the winter,” said Peter Bieneman.

Baltimore hasn’t seen any accumulating snow this month. If the city ends the month without snow, it would be the first time in recorded history that Charm City has gone through an entire February without flakes flying.

Baltimore Weather: Snow-Free February Could Break Record

The snowpack would have been good for Bieneman’s evergreens, but winter hasn’t left just yet and that means it’s important for gardeners not to let their guards down since a frost isn’t out of the question.

“Things coming into bud a little earlier than normal. Maybe some slight frost damage on plants,” Bieneman said.

Residents were split about the snow-free season; some said they wouldn’t be upset if it never snowed again, while others said it would be nice to have enough to go sledding at least once this winter.

“It’s a nuisance, especially for old people like me, but I love when everybody gets together and shovels people out, and they shovel out the alleys,” said Dorris Mcelroy.

“I would never have it again in my life if I could. I’m all about warm weather, so I’ll take this,” Matt Robeson said.

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