By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” is not only the name of a great TV show by Larry David, but also what I have been intoning, about this mild weather, for the past couple of weeks.

Mild temps, pictures from Weather Watchers of little green things popping out of the ground, and pictures of Spring-wear popping up in advert circulars from big box stores have got a lot of folks looking beyond the last 1/3 of Winter. Days getting longer, thoughts of Daylight Savings Time in just two weeks, and reports from Orioles Spring Training have many sitting on the warm weather “go button!”

Curb your enthusiasm. It ain’t over yet.

Understand no big storms are headed our way but chilly air will be the headline the last four days of the extended outlook as presented today. Low 40’s and low 20’s, day and night side, are on the way. (And some wind chill too.) I do not think March will come in like a Lion by any means. But that was the case last year and look what March presented us. (I’ll refresh your memory, it was not pretty.)

The ground is soft under our feet, it has not frozen. And I am not sure it will not as the sun is now really getting high in the sky. Look we may have mild weather continue through March. Only time will tell. But I have to repeat what I have been preaching for the past few weeks, we are just in the top of the 5th inning as far as this season goes. The “meat” of the Winter batting order still has another plate appearance in this game. Curb your enthusiasm.



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