By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Wind Chill: two words we have not had to deal with all that much this season. Three more words: a good thing. But toda,  I believe we will be dealing with temps 10-12° below the forecast high of 44°.

But with the skies mostly clear, and with the sun getting high in the sky, (as in feeling a bit warm), the effect won’t be as jolting as what we’d feel in January.

Re-read the last line it is a look at the general feeling of this Winter season. It is the end of February and I think I have had only one blog before this where I have felt compelled to discuss “wind chill.” #WOW!

Beyond the chill down of the next three day’s something we have discussed MANY times this Winter season, a warm-up, begins/happens. (Matter of fact we are seeing much warmer temps on Sunday that expected even a couple of days ago.) From 40° on Saturday to Sunday through Wednesday, 52-60-64-65°.

Re-read that last line. It is THE look at the general feeling of this Winter season.



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