COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJZ) — Police have arrested and charged a University of Maryland student who allegedly sent anti-Semitic text messages to another student on its College Park campus.

The University of Maryland Police said a student reported that she received anti-Semitic messages from a person she did not know.

Through an investigation, a detective was able to identify the suspect who allegedly sent multiple messages to the victim because of her religious beliefs.

Muqarrab Ahmed Abdullah has been charged with electronic communication harassment, telephone misuse, race/religion crime.

Credit: UMD Police

Police released a mugshot of Abdullah later Sunday evening.

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  1. Joy Lee says:

    So glad he was charged. This hate has to stop.

    1. Hanna Fiengold says:

      @joy lee YOU are a disgusting racist Islamophobe. As a Ashkenazi Jewish American female activist, I will always stand with Abdullah.

  2. Jessica Chen says:

    What about the girl??? Why only the Muslim is blamed? ALWAYS??

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