Hi Everyone!

Welcome to March and my bottom line today is the extended outlook — or the 7-day forecast. Today is the 2nd of the month. By Sunday, we are on the 8th of the month. Basically 1/4 of the way through this month with no snow and only 1 chilly day, that will be Saturday.

It will be 65° today. Earlier Tim asked me if I was going to take my convertible roof down today and the answer is NO! HECK NO to be honest. Last year we had an early March “mild one” and I did drop the top. And I posted a picture on social media. And I jinxed us. What happened shortly thereafter on the first day of Spring? That’s right we got mugged by Mother Nature. A bunch of snow. I will enjoy the day but not throw superstition to the wind.

Tim and I were, then, discussing the time of the year and the extended outlook. I was bringing up how high the sun is in the sky, the continued mild numbers, and Tim made a most interesting statement. He said even if we get a Winter hit of snow, given how warm the ground, and pavement are, (and are getting), Mother Nature would have a lot to overcome to shut us down.” True that. Winter is not over yet.

In the baseball game terms I have been using to describe our journey through this Winter I think we just hit the top of the 7th.

It will be 65° on this Monday. Don’t look too far ahead. Take it daily and enjoy.


  1. Chris says:

    Marty, you have always been a ray of sunshine for WJZ, despite the weather! As I’m sure you do, I miss Don very much, you two were as professional and enjoyable to watch as Jerry and Al. To this day, I wake, even if it’s too early, to watch WJZ and you. Just want to thank you for constant exuberant, thoughtful and poignant style. You’re the best my friend, if I may.

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