Hi Everyone!

Good Tuesday everyone.

In the morning the first thing I do is log on and start looking at weather data, I specifically go to the, now new, last day of the extended outlook.

For instance yesterday the last day was Sunday, this day the 7th day will be Monday. It is a Winter ritual for me. We knew yesterday there would be a mild up to end the weekend. And now we see that mild up become quite a warm-up to start the week. And there goes one more day of Winter without the threat of snow. Let’s just see how that “next day” looks tomorrow.

I always remind y’all to “curb your enthusiasm” regarding the mild winter so far, but not before I say the EXACT same thing to myself. It’s like being hungry, smelling that dinner but knowing you still have 20 minutes left before grace and grub. I SO want to look at the 15-day forecast, which is fairly accurate, but I think I’d be breaking my own “prime directive” to relax on the subject of the mild Winter of 2020. But I have heard if I did, or you do, the net result would be smiles. But I have only heard, not seen…knock on wood!



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