CHURCHTON, Md. (WJZ) — A Churchton man charged in a bizarre assault involving a syringe possibly filled with semen at an Anne Arundel County grocery store has been ordered to submit a blood sample for testing.

Thomas Stemen, 51, is accused of stabbing Katie Peters with a syringe at Christoper’s Fine Foods in the 5500 block of Shady Side Road in Churchton last month. The incident was caught on surveillance video.

Thomas Bryon Stemen

Stemen’s blood will be tested for HIV and hepatitis C, officials said.


Stemen is being held without bond on multiple assault charges. Police said he tried to stab two other people prior to stabbing Peters.

Police searched Stemen and found another needle on him and a third in his vehicle, both of which contained semen. It’s unclear if the material inside the syringe Peters was stabbed with was also semen-filled or whether the semen was Stemen’s.

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    I am sure it was.

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