CARROLL COUNTY, MD. (WJZ) — The nation’s leading horse entertainers came together last weekend at the Horse World Expo in Pennsylvania, and one Carroll County trainer showed off her very own Chincoteague pony.

His name is John Wayne, a pony who was a challenge to train but like the movie star he’s become famous after he was tamed, and now the talents of his breed have become better known because of the efforts of his trainer.

Summer Barrick has made a name for herself by training the ponies, usually wild horses that live on Assateague Island. She trains them at Spring Brook Farm in Carroll County.

“They’ve just always held a certain spot in my heart,” Barrick said.

She showed off Wayne at the expo last weekend.

“What we did was just demonstrate how well the breed is and get the name of Chincoteague ponies out. Most people think of them as small little ponies you can’t really do anything with,” Barrick said.

She said her six-year-old horse is pretty well-known in the equestrian community. As a yearling being sold, eight cowboys had to hold him down and he was deemed too wild.

“Nobody wanted to take a chance on him. They deemed him too crazy, too wild, some people thought I was going to get killed,” Barrick said.

And yet, she was successfully able to ride and show him off at the expo.

Barrick wants others to experience the joy of owning a Chincoteague pony through the Feather Fund, a nonprofit that helped her get her first pony.

She said Chincoteague ponies have a lot to give to anyone.

“I think the biggest thing with all horses is that they have something to teach you.” She said.

You can learn more about the Feather Fund on their website.

Stetson Miller


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