BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The devastation in Tennessee after deadly tornadoes ripped through the area this week now leaves communities facing unimaginable realities.

One Maryland man now living in Tennessee is helping communities move forward one day and one family at a time.

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Mike McFadden said he has never seen anything like the devastation that slammed Tennessee earlier this week. Deadly tornadoes forever changed the City of Nashville and nearby areas.

“I’d never seen anything like it being from Baltimore,” McFadden said. “I’d never seen destruction like that, and these two people, this old couple, were sitting on a couch and there was nothing else there.”

McFadden is from Towson, but six months ago, Nashville became his home.

“We found their car keys after like three hours and then, to be honest, I was looking for their false teeth, this older couple, I mean they cost so much,” McFadden said.

Eventually, McFadden helped the couple get to a shelter, but no one was there to help. He used his followers to change that.

“I just went on Facebook out of desperation and I said please, please come here. Someone do something. People just started showing up and people started sending us money,” McFadden said.

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For two long days, McFadden and one of his bandmates have been helping a family in one of the hardest-hit areas of east Nashville.

“This homeowner, she was walking around in these tattered boots, and we went to Walmart, and I got her a brand new pair of shoes,” McFadden said. “Like, a $10 pair of shoes from Walmart. I mean, the joy she had just from those. It’s like those little things, I mean, it’s all these little victories.”

Facing the long, uncertain journey ahead, McFadden said people in Nashville are just grateful.

“I think everyone is just trying to find whatever good is left,” McFadden said.

Whatever good, and whatever help they can get.

“Everyone is in shock, but also everyone is just really coming together,” McFadden said.

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McFadden has set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the tornado victims; to learn more, click here.