BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Sunny and 74° for Monday. Warm for sure but days like this in March are not uncommon.

What is uncommon would be an entire work and school week, this time in March, where it will remain so mild.

Three times this week we will be at or slightly above 70°. By the way, the record for this day is 82° set in 2016.

This weekend my yard changed color, albeit ever so slightly. It went from dull flat greenish to a slight real greenish. I mean, boom, overnight it changed.

You can see subtle signs of the new season in your neighborhood where ever it may be. The record low for this date is 10° in 1960.

Reread that last sentence. Talking about sure signs of Spring, then bang, legit bad news cold. We are still in Winter. Still, a few weeks left where the weather can be a bit iffy.

But I think the lines have crossed with more days leaning toward mild than days of coats, scarfs, and gloves. We’ll see!


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