By Sean Streicher

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An injured dog needs your help after he was rescued after he tumbled out of a dumpster at a Baltimore trash incinerator facility Monday.

Donut, as BARCS Animal Shelter named him, wasn’t initially noticed in all the piles of trash, but then a front-load operator saw movement in the trash and jumped in to save him.

Donut was alive, but couldn’t get up. When Animal Control arrived, Donut was resting on towels, but he was covered in trash, his body had multiple cuts and puncture wounds and he was suffering from severe injuries to his front legs.

Credit: BARCS

He was rushed to a BARCS facility, where veterinarians examined him closely. Donut had been through trauma and at first, they weren’t sure he would make it.

But, he wagged his tail and gave the vet staff kisses.

BARCS transported Donut to their Franky Fund clinic ER where he is currently being treated.

Donut had injuries from falling from the dumpster and bite wounds that happened before Monday. His front legs are damaged and cannot currently walk. He will need surgery on both legs.

BARCS is looking for donations to help with Donut’s care.

“We don’t know what events led up to Donut being found on the incinerator plant floor yesterday. Could someone have purposely have thrown him away in those dumpsters? Or did he wander or fall in there on his own? Whatever the circumstance, sweet Donut is now safe—and very lucky to be alive,” BARCS said in a post.

Animal Control is investigating how Donut ended up in the dumpster.

If you have any information on this case, Baltimore City Animal Control is asking you to please call the Animal Abuse Unit at 443-681-0101.


Sean Streicher

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  1. LH says:

    This kind of cruelty deserves criminal penalties. Severe ones! Where are our legislators? We don’t want people like this out in the general population.

  2. Nan Stevens says:

    This is cruelty at its worst. This precious and unconditionally loving dog did not ask to come into this world, or to be put in the hands of evil. Donut can only give, and will for a lifetime. If I knew who had done this and similar crimes, I would take care of those satans myself.

  3. Jean says:

    LH, you’re so right LH.. Need to be strictly enforced laws with jail time and fines.

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