CATONSVILLE (WJZ) – A Baltimore County woman is recovering from testing positive last week for COVID-19.

Karen Fernandez, 43, of Catonsville, said she first experienced symptoms around March 11.

“I had this weird feeling in my chest—there was like a tightness in my chest. It felt like something was brewing,” Fernandez said. “I know something was respiratory-wise was about to happen.”

She said she began teleworking for her marketing job the next day. Fevers and headaches followed and her doctor ordered a COVID-19 test.

“Part of the reason I was able to get tested was I have autoimmune issues, so I was concerned it was going to hit me hard,” Fernandez said. “I’m definitely worried about the different populations who can get it, but also the health care system is already getting overwhelmed.”

Fernandez has been at home since symptoms surfaced, but she says others she knows have since tested positive. She has not been able to pinpoint how she contracted the virus.

“If it could happen to me, it could happen to you or your sister, your grandmother, your best friend,” Fernandez said. “It’s passing it to somebody else (whose immune system is more compromised)…and that’s why we have to follow these rules.”

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  1. King Julian says:

    not very good reporting in this story

  2. Mosely says:

    This report doesn’t state how she recovered from the virus. Was she given any medicine to help her recovery? Did she cough a lot?

  3. Kelise says:

    Exactly. The media is too busy trying to put fear in everyone. Not once, have they told us what to do when you have it.

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