BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A bit of early sun today will go, mentally, a long way today.

Mental Vitamin D. Monday was that monochromatic gray which on a good day is blah. But in that gray the greens, and colors of Spring, I could see from my windows were quite nice.

Tuesday, a break from it, Wednesday is back “into the soup” as we could say.

More gray but now add in the word chilly. (As the fine actor John Astin’s character Gomez Addams might say, “From bad to worse, TREMENDOUS!! The “Addams Family” what a show. I might try to find some clips later on “You Tube.” Wouldn’t you like to knock back a brer with Uncle Fester?)

Beyond all that great news I just laid out we do have a mild up, and sun returning to end the week. And that is something to look forward to.

Little victories count. 56° and 36° are the day and night normals now.

Bump those up a degree as we head into the last weekend of March. April on the horizon. Another little victory, they do add up.


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