BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After leading the Baltimore Ravens to a 14-2 record and winning the league’s MVP award in the process, one would think that Lamar Jackson would be above being compared to backup, part-time quarterbacks.

Well, if you’re former NFL linebacker Brady Poppinga, apparently that’s not the case. Poppinga appeared on ESPN 960 in Utah discussing New Orleans Saints backup quarterback/utility man Taysom Hill. And, in the process, Poppinga said that Jackson is a poor man’s Hill.

As you can imagine, NFL media members and Ravens fans alike were not exactly pleased with the comparison. First up, the media members who weighed in on the comments.

One fan took the time to lay out in pretty stark terms how bad the comparison between the two is.

Those stats make it pretty clear, and it seems unwise and disingenuous at best to even try and compare the two player’s skill at quarterback. It seems pretty safe to say that Poppinga was doing his best to promote a hometown player (Hill and Poppinga are both BYU alums). But, regardless, that won’t stop fans from voicing their displeasure, which they have done in spades over the course of the last day. Below you can find just a small sampling.


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