BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith is leading the mayor’s race, according to a new poll. Former mayor Sheila Dixon and City Council president Brandon Scott follow him.

Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy released the poll early Tuesday morning.

According to their polling, Smith has the likely support of 22% of Democratic primary voters. Dixon has 18% and Scott has 15%, the poll says.

Smith leads among African-American voters, women and those 50 and older. He’s also drawing about 15% of white voters. Forty-two percent of people have a favorable opinion of him.

Dixon has 99% on name recognition, compared to Smith’s 71%, but she’s less popular, according to the poll. Thirty-one percent of voters find her favorable.

Scott has 44% name recognition and he’s drawing across races with 16% of the black vote and 13% of white voters. He also has 18% of young voters.

Former Attorney General Thiru Vignarajah is back by 12% of voters, while former business executive Mary Miller has 9%. Current Baltimore City Mayor Jack Young only has 7% of the vote.

Vignarajah and Miller are popular among white voters, with him get 23% and her getting 22%. Neither have significant support from black voters, according to the poll.

The other 17 candidates split 2% of the vote and 15% of voters remain undecided.


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  1. dot.lane says:

    Great. We’re condemned to more half-wits running this city.

  2. Chris says:

    How can anyone support Dixon after she robbed the citizens of Baltimore by being CONVICTED OF STEALING gift cards meant for poor kids??????? She is the lowest!

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