ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) –– Gov. Larry Hogan said Wednesday that anyone who has been to New York or the Tri-State area must quarantine for 14 days to limit the spread of COVID-19.

This action mirrors the White House’s calls on Tuesday that anyone who has been to or recently left New York to self-quarantine for 14 days.

“According to the CDC guidance that was issued yesterday, any Marylander, or person visiting Maryland, who has recently spent time in New York or visited the Tri-State area, must quarantine in place, and limit all contact with others for at least 14 days.” He said in a press conference Wednesday morning.


The governor said he has formally submitted a request for a presidential disaster declaration for the state to help provide funding for state and local government as well as nonprofits for initiatives including disaster unemployment insurance, hazard mitigation and other measures.

“It is critically important that every single person remains vigilant and continues doing their part, by staying in place, in their homes, as much as possible, so that we can break the back of this virus.” He said.

There are now 423 confirmed coronavirus cases in the state, and he believes that the number of cases hasn’t yet reached its peak and they aren’t sure when it will.

“What we do know, is it is not going to be over in a matter of days, or even weeks,” He said.


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