Hi Everyone!

T.G.I.F.! And it is a true fact. Weekends are weekends no matter what. I think a lot of us have fallen into a groove, albeit a different groove due to current circumstances. So why not break the routine and give yourself a weekend vibe? It’s in your hands. Gonna watch a couple of movies tonight and tomorrow night instead of TV. Been eating healthy, or trying to anyway, so why not, (if possible), carry out a pizza?

I have been getting dressed when at home. Jeans long sleeve tee’s, and such, much the same as I would wear to a normal happy hour. I may stay in sweats tomorrow.

Hack the pandemic is the name of the game. There is even a hashtag for that now.

Weather will cooperate for the dress down tomorrow as it will be gray and damp, not chilly but cooler. Sunday time to put on jeans and a short sleeve tee as we will be near 80°. I can’t promise a lot of sun on Sunday but I can promise it will be, seasonally, very warm.

We have all worked hard at doing nothing, time for some “me time” as I like to say.

Be safe and well, and social distance. It’s all good!



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