BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ) — Every weekday afternoon in Bel Air, packages come and go but it’s what’s incoming from USPS that has excited the entire Country Walk neighborhood.

At Manda Berry’s house, the chalk on the driveway kindly greets a postal worker, Ms. Amy, because of what she’s delivered to them.

“She left us a little note in the mail saying if we needed any help that she would help us,” Berry said with a smile. “We started a relationship after that.”

That’s what started the cycle of giving and love at a time when we could all use it.

“We left her a little note and I think a lot of neighbors did and we either left a note, gave her a gift, and she reciprocated that note and gave the kids some chalk and a cute note back,” Berry said.

In exchange to offer to pick up groceries, or medications, the neighborhood pitched in for Ms. Amy getting her hand sanitizer, bottled water and snacks.

But many don’t know she’s more than a postal worker. There’s a reason why she cares.

“Amy is a registered nurse and a postal worker and she’s helping a lot of people in a local nursing home. She just said she cares for all the people there,” Berry said.

Paying it forward during a time when we’ve all been ordered to stay home. But thankfully because of Ms. Amy, it gets a little bit easier.

Ms. Amy isn’t allowed to talk to WJZ because of her job, but the impression she leaves is everlasting.

“I think she just really inspired us to care more for each other,” Berry said.

WJZ spoke to Amy off camera while she was working on her route. She said she didn’t think the kind gesture was that big of a deal. She says all she wants is for people to be kind and pay it forward.


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