(WJZ) – The duo of quarterback Lamar Jackson and wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown developed a nice chemistry in 2019, teaming up for 584 yards and seven touchdowns over 46 receptions in Brown’s rookie season. Fans and writers alike agree the team needs another top receiver in the fold to complement the speedy sophomore, and that’s where a new post on social media will leave many asking: Could Antonio Brown, Hollywood’s cousin, be the answer?

Since the season ended, Hollywood has been on a mission to improve his game, working out with Chad Johnson and his embattled cousin in Florida. Judging by a post on his Instagram today, it looks like his teammate Lamar joined in on the fun.

And, in case you were wondering what a Lamar Jackson to Antonio Brown connection might look like, Lamar shared a video on his Instagram account of just such an event.

The older Brown remains a free agent, though his status with the NFL is up in the air following a tumultuous year. Brown said earlier this year that he would like to return to the NFL in the 2020 season and there were rumors of a possible connection with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. Those rumors have since been quashed.

So, the question now becomes, should the Ravens try to bring in Antonio to pair with his cousin Marquise?


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