BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to impact the Maryland community, lighthearted videos can be hard to come by. So, our friends at the National Aquarium in Baltimore are here to help with a reminder for everyone to stay at home while enjoying some wholesome content.

Margaret the Macaw, a hyacinth macaw who lives at the National Aquarium, is like most of us, trying to find the best way to deal with social distancing. Used to getting plenty of attention from the Aquarium’s visitors when it’s open to the public, Margaret has instead taken this time to stretch her legs and walk around the Aquarium to get some exercise.

In the clip above, shared by the National Aquarium, Margaret can be seen looking longingly out the windows to the outside world a feeling many of us share at the moment. But still, she remains inside and keeping moving taking advantage of the open spaces to maintain social distancing.