Hi Everyone!

So last overnight we had a couple of lines of thunderstorms move across the area. Some pretty righteous lightning shows, to be honest, accompanied by windswept rain. Both events moved by rather quickly, and now we will look forward to a warm afternoon with a forecast high of 78°. And humid. Hello that late Spring feel.

The rain knocked clouds of pollen out of the air too. If your car was outside in the rain take a look I bet you didn’t know you bought a green car. Ok, maybe yellow depending on the flora of your area.

This will be another good day to raise the windows and bring some of the season inside. No rain expected until the next overnight where we could see another round of thunderstorms. And we will be under a marginal, or south of the Metro grid, a general risk for some severe weather. That is a part of the story we will watch today.

Socially distance, and enjoy some mental Vitamin D today. It’s good for the soul.



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