Hi Everyone!

T.G.I.F! Short, sweet and to the point, that is the message today. T.G.I.F. The times have changed, but the calendar has not. It is the weekend: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I know days are sort of running together. The experts tell us to change the routine we have established to break up the monotony. And that time is now. TGIF.

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On the chilly side to start the weekend. Still windy too. By Sunday we will spike up into the low 70’s though and even warmer to start the week. But those warmer reading will come with clouds, and by Sunday night rain. (Funny I just wrote “Sunday” and immediately thought of “Sunday FunDay.” Changing up routine is one thing but creating a legit Sunday FunDay is another. But I do have faith that if we can self-isolate, this long amping up one of the weekend days, should be smoothly done. )

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Wardrobe will be the key, and those cooler than normal low to mid 50 readings will be the opened door. Soon I am going to be out of the suit and tie, and into jeans and a comfortable long sleeve tee. Boots put aside warm socks and tennis shoes on, all weekend long. Contacts will remain in the case, glasses on.

Dressing for a “change-up” may be the first start. In this case, the dress down will be uplifting. Go Miles Davis and find your groove.

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