WASHINGTON (WJZ) — President Donald Trump took aim at Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Monday, saying during his daily coronavirus update the governor “didn’t understand too much” about the state’s testing capacity for the coronavirus.

The president made the comments at the beginning of his news conference Monday evening. Vice President Mike Pence held a call earlier in the day with the governors of each state about the country’s “unified efforts to defeat the virus,” Trump said, describing the call as “very positive.”

He then went on to say officials gave each governor a list of labs in their state that can handle additional testing, adding that some governors, including Hogan, didn’t understand it.

“Some of the governors, like as an example the governor from Maryland didn’t really understand the list, he didn’t understand too much about what was going on so now I think he’ll be able to do that, it’s pretty simple,” Trump said. “They have tremendous capacity and we hope to be able to help him out. We’ll work with him and we’ll work with all the governors.”


Hogan, a fellow Republican, said in an appearance on CNN minutes later he “didn’t want to get into criticizing back-and-forth,” adding Trump wasn’t on the call with Pence and the other governors.

“I think what the president may be referring to is that they sent out a list to each of the governors of all of the different lab facilities in their states which most of the governors already knew where the labs were in their states,” he said. “I happened to bring up at the beginning of the meeting, ‘We appreciate that list,’ but more than half, most of the ones they sent me in Maryland were all federal facilities including NIH and FDA and Walter Reed and Fort Detrich.”

Hogan went on to say he has “a pretty good understanding of what’s going on” in the state.

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Later Monday night, Hogan tweeted he was, “grateful to President Trump for sending us a list of federal labs and generously offering Maryland use of them for #COVID19 testing. Accessing these federal labs will be critical for utilizing the 500,000 tests we have acquired from South Korea.”


The governor has at times been critical of the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the weekend, Hogan called the president’s claim that states have enough tests to reopen their economies “not accurate.”

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“To try to push this off to say that the governors have plenty of testing and they should just get to work on testing, somehow we aren’t doing our job, is just absolutely false,” Hogan said in an appearance on CNN Sunday morning.

For the latest information on coronavirus go to the Maryland Health Department’s website or call 211. You can find all of WJZ’s coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.

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  1. Carla Yancy says:

    It is Trump that does not understand as he has tried to blame Governors, Obama, Democrats, China, the WHO, the CDC………anyone but himself for his miserable handling of this crisis. So you claim Obama left the USA unprepared for this crisis? So, Trump, what have you been doing for the last 3 years to fix that? Yeah, nothing, just lying that COVID isn’t worse than the flu, will go away when it gets warm, there’s treatments & vaccines and all your other lies!!!

    THE FACT IS NOT EVERYONE IN MARYLAND CAN GET TESTED nor in most states. I can’t get tested because I am not “high risk” or sick. My doctor does not have in house test kits, they have to send them out to a lab. There are not enough test kits nor do labs have enough personnel to run the tests. Lab technicians are not unskilled people like pizza delivery people (no offense to them intended), they can not just hire lab techs off the street from those currently are not working. They are people w/ the appropriate minimum associate’s degree who then need extensive training. At then minimum it takes a year of study to become a lab technician.

    1. King Julian says:

      so you are blaming the president because there are not enough lab techs if i understand tour post

  2. Mason says:

    the blame is Trump is lying that everyone can get tested———–there are not enough tests or labs to run them——–so you test positive but it took weeks to get those results————how many more people did you infect in that time??????????????????

    face it any stuff trump blames someone else for he has had years to fix it and didn’t

    The only thing trump cares about right now is getting re-elected!!!!!!!!

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