Hi Everyone!

Another week in April has begun and another mostly gray, and cool week, is upon us. This has been the pattern all month, with only a few sporadic real nice days tossed in.

If you think about it, this was for the most part, last year’s April, too. Hey, it has made the self chill out a bit easier to do.

“Self chill out” I just came up with that, sound a lot nicer than “self-isolation.” Just saying! Then there is “chill in, pronounced “chillin’, but another form of shelter in place as in “CHILL IN!”

Still beats “self-isolation.” That just has a high school Health Class connotation.

Tomorrow we will be on the warm and humid side but a cold front diving across the Mid-Atlantic will kick off some, potential, gusty weather and usher in a mid-week mid 50’s, for the most part of Wednesday.

Last week I was working from home, nice to be back with you in the studio.. Stay safe, stay well and stay chilled.


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