BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Downtown Partnership of Baltimore joins Harbor Park Garage to support Heart of the Park, a program to provide free meals to anyone in need.

The service started in late March when the garage teamed up with Chef Nancy Longo, of the local restaurant Pierpoint to create the service.

Heart of the Park now hands out as many as 250 meals a day, and Downtown Partnership has stepped in to create online donation tools.

To pick up a free meal, drive to 55 Market Place, Baltimore, Md. When you get there pick up a ticket to enter a garage, where the program says you will not be charged.

Then, go to Level 3, where attendants will be waiting. Roll down the passenger window and tell them how many people you need to feed.

Drivers will be given two meals, one ready to eat and one ready to heat up. Then exit the garage free of charge.


To make a donation or learn more about the program, visit and look for the Heart of the Park logo.

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