WHITE MARSH, Md. (WJZ) — April 25 was supposed to be the Junior Prom for Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts. Even though the coronavirus closed schools and canceled major school functions, Mackenzie Walker still wanted to get dressed up.

That afternoon, her cousin Meg Weinhold helped her curl her hair and do her makeup, but what Mackenzie did not realize is Meg was planning a surprise.

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As Mackenzie was about to take off her dress Meg asked, “How long are you staying in your dress,”

“She’s like, ‘I’m going to change now and I’m like you can’t,” Meg said.

Mackenzie asked why as she looked outside to see a family friend, Matt Wilson, pulling into the neighborhood.

“I come outside and I see this truck with a trailer on it and a banner and it had prom 2020 on it with balloons and Matt comes out and he has flowers and everything,” Mackenzie said.

Come to find out Meg and Matt are personal trainers, both trying to keep their small business afloat by training people with an outdoor mobile gym.

At a boot camp on Saturday morning, Meg told Matt Mackenzie’s plan to get ‘prom ready,’ but she did not have a date, so Matt planned the surprise.

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WJZ asked Meg why Matt was the perfect person to pull this off with, and she said, “Because he has the biggest heart of anybody I know,”

Matt showed up with flowers, blasting Mackenzie’s favorite song from his truck. He said he understands why junior prom is so special.

“Months out we get our suits and dresses and with everything going on in the world right now these seniors and juniors couldn’t have their prom and its devastating because I guess we took it for granted,” Matt said.

The two took pictures and a few neighbors came out to see the two dressed for prom, and that was it.

Mackenzie said it was a special night, even without the dance.

“I think I’ll appreciate next year’s a lot but this one was really special and I feel like I’ll still remember it and cherish it as much as I would have,” said Walker.

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Matt said it’s a lasting memory they now share. “She had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen which made me smile and her family came out her neighbors came out and for her to be so excited and happy for that split second it was just remarkable and it a great great moment that ill always cherish for the rest of my life,” he said.

Rachael Cardin