Hi Everyone!

You may wonder why we are now seeing these weather blogs every other week, (I have gotten mail about this), and the answer is easy.

We news and weather anchors are split into two teams to, basically, socially distance ourselves. Should a worst-case scenario occur half of the folks bringing you the day’s events are in a safety zone. Lots of places are doing this with staff.

When I am not here you see me from my back deck, or as Tim Williams calls it, “Studio D.”

A nice place to work from when the weather is, well, nice. In life, timing is everything and this week as I am back on TV Hill, the weather will not be as conducive to enjoying my deck, your deck, or any outside location.

Yep, we are going back to cool, if not seasonally chilly and breezy conditions. A few days in the 50s and a few days breezy, too. There will be two days, Wednesday and Friday, with rain and the rest will feature clouds followed by sun or vice-versa.

So far Spring’s damp and cool conditions have really prolonged the early beauty of the season. And now more of that on the way.

Mother’s Day 2020, for your planning purposes as best as we can plan these days, will be Partly Sunny and Breezy with a high of 61°.

The next weekend would be Preakness. And I have been to Preakness Stakes Saturday’s where overcoats have been worn, not many but there have those types of days. So I do not think this weather is that odd. Oddly enough.