Hi Everyone!

A bit cooler today than yesterday’s 74°, by a bunch. Just 58° later on. The cool spell we began discussing yesterday kicks off today.

#spilledmilk, as in don’t cry over it. Let’s move beyond. It is a big weekend coming up, Mother’s Day weekend. Granted we will be doing the COVID-19 self chill out, but it is still a time celebrate the ladies who gave life to us, and the ladies who made us guys Dads.

And the weather, while cooler than the low 70’s normal,  will be sunny. A little “natural Vitamin D” treat from your Mom Nature. And these day’s as we have learned, and discussed, is a game-changer.

A walk, some fresh air, (socially distanced, and masked protected of course), and the modern tech tools of iChat, and Zoom added in and there ya go. A sunny wake up kicks it off. NICE.

Something to look forward to. And as we know it is the little victories that add up!



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