SARASOTA, Fla. (WJZ) — Pitching in to help those in need. That’s exactly what Orioles pitcher Evan Phillips and his fiancé are doing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phillips began Spring Training competing for a spot on the Orioles pitching staff, but he was shutdown with an elbow injury, and Major League Baseball was shutdown because of COVID-19.

Staying in Sarasota, Florida, where he can rehab his injury, Phillips can be found at home measuring and cutting fabric; doing his part in a team effort with his fiancé, Elizabeth Devita, who is making face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Retirement homes might need them, outpatient care… there’s a lot of skilled nursing centers that need them… ambulances’ — there are certain calls where they’re allowed to wear them,” Devita said. “We’re really trying to hit the mark on a lot of different types of places.”

Some of the masks are sold online to get funds to buy materials to make the masks that they give away.

“I think the expectation was to help out family and friends, or maybe local businesses in need, but then it just kind of grew into [Elizabeth’s] own Etsy shop and people were just placing orders in bundles,” Phillips said.

The couple has also taken their teamwork to the backyard, where Elizabeth will put on a baseball glove, and occasionally play catch with Phillips as he builds strength in his elbow during his rehab.


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