BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s not an unusual thing for Baltimore city residents to sometimes find that their car was broken into overnight.

Most residents understand it’s a part of city living, but it can still feel like you were violated.

So when a Canton area woman went to her car Thursday afternoon during her lunch break she was surprised to find a police incident report on her steering wheel and evidence that someone had broken into her car.

“I don’t leave anything of value in there, so luckily nothing was taken,” she told WJZ.

Courtesy photo.

But the break-in wasn’t the biggest surprise, it’s what the intruder left behind — at least a hundred of mini bottles of Crown Royal on the passenger seat!

“I called the police to see if there were reports of local liquor stores or something being broken into, so I could return them,” she said. “But they said their wasn’t.”

The woman said didn’t keep the bottles for herself, she returned them to police.