BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Mayor Jack Young announced this week that the Department of Public Works has received a $250,000 grant from The Recycling Partnership aimed at helping to educate residents about items accepted in the city’s curbside recycling.

“I am confident that this Recycling Partnership grant will be a game-changer for the City’s single-stream recycling program and help us ensure that our residents recycle right,” Mayor Young said in a statement. “This grant will make sure DPW has the tools and resources to help our communities improve their recycling habits and subsequently create a healthier environment for all residents of Baltimore City.”

The campaign is designed to encourage residents to “recycle right” in order to decrease the city’s recycling contamination and reduce processing costs. A main focal point of the effort will be the “Feet on the Street” program designed by The Recycling Partnership as an education and outreach strategy which will have recycling crews and supervisors visiting residents’ recycling containers in order to provide feedback on how to improve what items make it in to the container.

The Recycling Partnership is a national non-profit organization that uses corporate funding to help cities and state’s transform their recycling programs.