Hi Everyone!

So for as ugly as yesterday was it looks like we may have a 180° turnaround for this next weekend.

Yeah I get it, today is only Tuesday but there is a holiday weekend coming up. Yeah, I get it, we are living in a COVID restricted world.

But life has been more of a state of mind than a state of Maryland for the past nine weeks– and that state of mind could use some opened windows, warm temps and fresh breezes. And that is the way this weekend and holiday Monday are beginning to look. And when every small victory adds up it is not too early to “ring the bell.”

It is looking like temps near 80 Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It is also looking like a good deal of Sun. Granted there is a thunderstorm possible on Saturday but nothing that should ruin the day.

A chill out, a grill out, (socially distanced of course), and a well deserved break. Is it ever too early to look forward to that?



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