By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone,

How many of you are affected by pollen? I bet a lot of you. Yesterday, the tree pollen was about its highest of the season, so far. Yep “so far.”

There is more on the way. Not much more, but the pollen season is not quite over yet.

Daily, we get reports on tree, grass, and flower pollen. Mold spores, too. Now toss in the wind of yesterday and imagine what was swirling around you. And that will be the case today.

The wind coming out of the East Northeast is not only keeping rain out to our West, out to our West, but it is also keeping that pollen at nose level.

A seasonal allergic disorder and this weather do not compute. What we need is rain to knock that stuff down to where are toes are. That indeed will be the case later Thursday, just before we run out of tissues.

As we clear rain out of the outlook midday Saturday we will slowly start this pollen cycle again, but there is a nice break on the way.