BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Protestors yelled “Stay home Donald Trump, we don’t want you here,” as they drove to Fort McHenry Sunday

It was organized by the People’s Power Assembly.

“We feel this a ploy because it’s an election year and he’s trying to get as much attention as he can for the upcoming election,” protestor Andre Powell said.

President Trump and the First Lady are scheduled to be at Fort McHenry on Memorial Day as a way to honor the fallen men and women who died fighting for our freedoms.

With the city still under a stay-at-home order many are asking the President to set the example and cancel his trip.

“I think a lot of people are angry and upset that he’s even coming to the city -our city has a stay at home order still in place,” said Sharon Black, the group’s organizer.

President Trump Visits Fort McHenry For Memorial Day Ceremony Amid Baltimore City Leaders’ Pleas To Stay Home

Residents of Charm City remember when the President came to Baltimore last fall after making comments about the city being “disgusting”, and,  “a rodent and rat-infested” city.

“He is a divider, he has divided people against immigrants, religion, racism -there’s a million ways he’s divided people,” Black said.

Sunday was the day protestors took the streets for a socially distanced car caravan because they said Monday will be their time to follow Mayor Jack Young’s order to stay home.

“We’re having a very safely distancing car caravan-its not as big as last year we won’t be there tomorrow to confront trump bc we don’t want to add to the burden of the city,” said Black.

Mayor Young has addressed the President’s planned visit saying he wishes Trump would reconsider.

In contrast Governor Larry Hogan welcomed the President saying now more than ever we need to reflect on America’s heroes, but Hogan confirmed he will not be in attendance as Monday is his birthday and he wishes to be at home with is family.

For the latest information on coronavirus go to the Maryland Health Department’s website or call 211. You can find all of WJZ’s coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.

Rachael Cardin

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  1. NO TRUMP says:

    Trump should stay home……….and start packing!

    He is not wanted here & was not invited. As a descendant of Francis Scott Key- I say don’t dishonor him by breaking the law and bringing your unmasked entourage here. A draft dodger is NOT any sort of patriot! Our troops know the CIC is a sham.

    He should be told to wear a mask or get back on his helicopter and go play more golf while the death toll from the trump virus nears 100,000 American lives.

  2. Dave Southerland says:

    I agree- police should say wear a mask or forget it & law here is no groups over 10 people- dopn’t like that then go somewhere else. Someone who lied and refused to serve their country has no business pretending to care. 3 of my 4 brothers went to Vietnam only 2 of them came back. My dad and great grandfather were career Navy

  3. Joe Zilch says:

    7 killings and 4 wounded in the city so far this Memorial Day week end and you people are upset that trump is coming to the city today ? Good to see you have your priorities right not !

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