BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A group of demonstrators gathered in downtown Baltimore Friday night to protest the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis.

The group, which gathered along the Inner Harbor around 7 p.m., blocked traffic along Light Street.

Some held signs and others chanted before the group splintered. Some went to City Hall to continue to protest.


Police said early Friday they had a contingency plan should their be protests in Baltimore. Officers on bikes and on foot, as well as in vehicles, monitored the crowd. Some officers tried to redirect traffic.

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Protests continued around the country for Floyd, including in Washington D.C., where Secret Service and Metropolitan Police responded near the White House where a large crowd gathered Friday night.

For the fourth night in a row, protestors gather in Minneapolis where officials implemented an 8 p.m. curfew. Last night, a police precinct was set on fire, along with several other buildings.

In Atlanta, demonstrators got violent outside the CNN Center, breaking glass and throwing objects at officer. Other protests are happening in New York and Los Angeles.

Police initially said Floyd was resisting arrest and had a medical incident. However, video obtained by CBS News shows Floyd cooperating with officers, at least in the initial moments of the encounter.

A bystander’s video showed Floyd pleading that he could not breathe as a white officer — identified as Derek Chauvin — knelt on his neck and kept his knee there for several minutes after Floyd stopped moving and became unresponsive.

A group has gathered and is marching in downtown Baltimore to protest the death of George Floyd, who was killed after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin used his knee on Floyd’s neck to pin him down during an arrest.

Chauvin was arrested Friday and charged with murder in Floyd’s fatal arrest.

Maryland leaders condemned the deadly arrest Friday during various press conferences.

“The killing of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement is both deeply horrific and heartbreaking. What we saw in the video was disgusting and shocking to the conscience,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said. “This does not represent the calling of our officers to serve and protect with dignity and respect.”

Anne Arundel County’s Police Chief also commented in a press conference, where he was joined by leaders of Maryland’s African American community.

“Every right-thinking police officer in this country was disgusted by what they saw on that video. Human life matters. We exist to protect it.” he said.

He urged people to protest peacefully and they will be there to protect them.

Baltimore police said they have a plan in case protests break out in Baltimore.

Watch for coverage from WCCO, CBS Minnesota.

Ava-joye Burnett

  1. a nice old lady says:

    I am female white senior and I was raised to respect the police and have never been in any trouble w/ the law. I do not even drink or use drugs. From the available video it seems clear to me the police are in the wrong on this one and the man was clearly not resisting while he was held handcuffed prone on the ground w/ several officers on top of him, one of them w/ a knee pressing Floyd’s neck to the ground as he said he was having trouble breathing. In my opinion those officers went too far and none of them tried to get the officer w/ his knee on Floyd’s neck to stop it as they were watching a murder happen. I understand Floyd was in fact a convicted felon and may have been guilty of the crime for which he was arrested, but that did not give police the right to kill him or disregard his pleas as he was dying.

    I hope the justice system will deal with those officers appropriately and more violence will change nothing. Please exercise your right to protest all you want to, but do it safely (w/ COVID in mind) and do it PEACEFULLY. Do not be worse than the officers you are protesting and do not damage or steal anyone ‘s property or hurt them over this incident. Peaceful massive demonstrations are FAR more effective, especially in the face of a “president” who has already threatened to have you shot.

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