BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore Police Department is investigating an incident caught on camera Friday night that appears to show an altercation between a woman and the officers downtown.

The video shows a woman swing and hit a police officer in the head. After landing the first blow, a second officer is seen holding her back, but the woman hit the first officer again.

At that point, the video shows the second officer hit the woman in the throat, knocking her to the ground.

(The video can be seen here; viewer discretion is advised)

Extra police officers were downtown Friday night due to a demonstration protesting the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis.

On Twitter early Saturday morning, Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott said while the first officer “showed great restraint,” “the response by the second officer is unacceptable period.”

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“I spoke with (Police Commissioner Michael Harrison) who ensured me that he and his team where (sic) on top of it. I will monitor,” the council president and mayoral candidate tweeted. “I want to thank the members of @BaltimorePolice who supported citizens right to protest.”

The police department issued a statement Saturday morning, saying the commissioner ordered an immediate investigation into the incident:

“Last night, the Department became aware of an incident involving the arrest of a woman by two of our officers. A video posted online showed a women (sic) striking a Police Sergeant twice in the face and then a Police Officer striking her in the head. She was subsequently taken into custody and transported to an area hospital for an emergency petition. Police Commissioner Michael Harrison viewed the video and ordered an immediate investigation into this incident by the Department’s Special Investigations Response Team unit which is part of the Public Integrity Bureau. The Deputy Commissioner for PIB has directed a full review and has suspended the officers police powers during the investigations.”

Scott later issued a full statement reading:

“Yesterday on social media, I was made aware of a video showing a woman being assaulted by a Baltimore police officer after she assaulted another officer. While the officer who was hit in the face did not respond with force, another BPD officer used a level of force that knocked the woman unconscious.

“I completely understand the impulse of police officers to protect each other, but that cannot come at the expense of citizens’ rights ⁠— especially when interacting with someone who was clearly experiencing a crisis.

“What is depicted in that video is unacceptable and counterproductive to efforts to foster community-police interaction and deescalation tactics when citizens are in a state of crisis. I spoke to the Police Commissioner yesterday, who assured me that his team was on top of it, and I support today’s announcement that the BPD officer who used a disproportionate level of force has been suspended.

“At a time when tensions are high and people are expressing their justified pain to ongoing injustice and gun violence, I need our officers to be focused on keeping people safe. Again, I thank all of the officers who are actively protecting the right of Baltimoreans to peacefully protest.

“As someone who was at last night’s protest Downtown, I thank the citizens who expressed their pain and frustration at our broken system in a peaceful way. As protests continue this afternoon in Baltimore, I encourage Baltimoreans to make their voices heard while looking out for each other and our communities.

“I will continue to be out on the street and in neighborhoods listening and talking to Baltimoreans. Collectively, we are tired, angry and sad. We know the status quo is not acceptable.

“People need hope and reason to believe that they will have an opportunity for a better life, a better tomorrow for themselves, their children, and their neighbors. We have to pull together as one Baltimore to transform that hope into reality.”

The city police officers’ union issued a statement blasting Scott’s tweets:

“Council President Scott, it is reprehensible that you would use political pressure after a situation where one officer was protecting his colleague from further attack. Escalation occurred only after the female attacked continued the assault. But I forgot…there is an election coming up and your actions are straight from the playbook!”

Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young also released a statement late Saturday morning, calling the incident “deeply disturbing”:

“The video circulating online of a woman assaulting a police officer, seconds before a separate officer approaches her and strikes her, with what appears to be his closed fist, is deeply disturbing and is under investigation.

“I have spoken with Commissioner Michael Harrison and the officer who struck the woman has been removed from police duties. I’ve also asked Commissioner Harrison to relay a simple message to his command staff and to officers from across the City: sound, constitutional policing is the only acceptable way we’re going to do things here in Baltimore under my watch.

“I believe the first officer, who was struck multiple times by the woman, showed remarkable restraint by not retaliating as he was being assaulted. The woman should have been placed under arrest and not assaulted. Our system of justice does not involve the concept of an ‘eye for an eye.’

“The level of violence on our streets remains consistently high and we need to continue to stay focused on driving down violent crime and preserving life.

“We’re working to build the best police department in the country and we don’t have room for error.”

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  1. joe g says:

    The Baltimore Police dept. needs to send a message, by announcing swiftly and very publicly, charges against this woman who assaulted the Officer, (where are you Mosby? )They cannot allow this type of behavior and let the public think they can get away with doing whatever they please to Officers and their vehicles. Good Officers are under attack every day due to the callous actions of a few. Its sickening to see video of Officers being attacked , things thrown at them , their cars being destroyed…….on a daily basis on the news. Shut it down before it gets even more out of hand…..

  2. joe g says:

    The video shows a black woman assault a white Officer… Then a black Officer punch the woman from behind. Imagine if it were a white Officer who hit that woman….. The media and BLM would run with that as another Race based incident….no fuel for the fire with this one……Also notice how CNN talked about former Baltimore reporter Jiminez ( one of CNNs reporters now) being arrested because he was black… they forget to mention the entire news crew was arrested and that the other 3 people involved were…..wait for it…..WHITE… Very obvious that the main stream media love to report things that only fuel the fires and fit their narrative ….

    1. WhoCares says:

      He did not hit her from behind!!!

  3. King Julian says:

    don’t worry there will be unrest in Baltimore tonight

  4. Joe says:

    No surprise from Mayor Useless or Commissioner Crème Puff they NEVER back or stand behind their officers, they never mention the despicable violent behavior of the suspect against the officers, typical of them though. And as we all know Brandon Scott would sell his own mother for a vote. The corruption runs deep in democratic failed city hall. That’s why cops are leaving in droves for other depts. no one want to work for this corrupt democratic failed regime.

  5. Bill Smiths says:

    I got news for people, if you hit the police you are going to get hurt, that’s how it works here, Paris, Germany. Don’t hit the police and you won’t have a problem. As far as Brandon Scott is concerned, I think he’s a joke and part of the problem.

  6. TuttoProsciutto says:

    What EXACTLY is the “Deeply disturbing” part of the video? The fact that a low life super-sized McDonald’s scarfing brood sow welfare queen clocked a cop twice to the head, or that, by law, she is still able to reproduce?

  7. WhoCares says:

    Why should any PERSON have to stand there and tolerate being hit, esp in the face!!? The second officer did what ANY person would do when watching someone they know being hit!! The officer should not be punished at all and they should stack the charges on that useless trash “in crisis”. We will not stand for all officers being lumped together as bad cops, they put up too much already and sacrifice their very lives every minute of the day.

  8. Orion says:

    The woman was wrong and so was the officer. She hit an officer, very true, but he stooped to her level and did the same thing. Officers are trained how to subdue someone w/o punching them in the face. They could have pepper sprayed or tazed her, for example, or grabbed her from behind. Neither were defending, they were both attacking. When the police stoop to the criminal’s level, they are no better. Police are trained how to take someone to the ground w/o punching them in the face or causing any more injury than necessary.. If it had been a white woman, y’all would be singing a different tune and you know it.

    In this case she was wrong & it was also wrong for cops to punch her in the face and obviously a lot harder than she was able to hit them. They were not in fear of their lives from that woman.
    That cop, who had pepper spray & a tazer, lost it and acted just like a street thug. Their job was to arrest her, not beat her up. Good cops have cool heads.

  9. rob says:

    The officer did the best thing that he could have done. Think about what it would be like if the officer struck the woman twice initially. There would be riots on the streets. The problems we have in society today is a lack of respect. LACK OF RESPECT!!! Towards GOD, Neighbors and the law PERIOD

  10. JT Hunter says:

    “Protect and Serve”? Yep – he protected his fellow officer from further assault, and served her exactly what she ordered.

    “Deeply disturbing?” Indeed it is when citizens feel that they can assault police officers, or any other human being for that matter.

    Why is Brandon Scott even commenting? Imagine he is trying to stay relevant. What he needs to do is go on and visit a dentist…get that snaggletooth fixed.

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