BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimoreans protesting the in-custody death of an unarmed man in Minnesota set a “national example” of how to peacefully protest, Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young said Sunday.

During a virtual news conference Sunday afternoon, Young thanked protesters for remaining peaceful as they called attention to the death of George Floyd, who died after being arrested by police in Minneapolis.

Four officers involved in Floyd’s arrest were fired after video showed one officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck for several minutes. That officer, Derek Chauvin, has since been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

WJZ COMPLETE COVERAGE: George Floyd’s Death And Its Impacts In Maryland

While clashes between police and civilians following demonstrations have been reported from New York City to Los Angeles, Baltimore has largely escaped the violence.

“In Baltimore yesterday, we were a national example of what it looks like to engage in passionate protesting without widespread breaking of the law,” Young said.

There were several reports, though, of what Young described as “unlawful behavior” that was “dealt with swiftly.”

Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said 14 people, including two minors, were arrested overnight after numerous businesses were damaged or burglarized.

12 Adults, 2 Juveniles Arrested After Businesses Were Damaged In Downtown Baltimore Overnight, Police Say

Both also praised the police department, whose officers Harrison said, “continued to serve with an unparalleled level of professionalism, tolerance and restraint.”

The mayor also issued a stern warning to those hoping to cause destruction.

“I want to reiterate a point I made yesterday: if you’re coming to Baltimore to protest peacefully, we welcome you, but if you’re coming here to throw bricks or break storefront windows or destroy police vehicles, you’re going to find yourself in a jail cell. That’s a promise,” the mayor warned.

George Floyd Death: Gov. Hogan Says Baltimore ‘Showed The Nation How To Promote Positive Change’ With Demonstrations This Weekend

Earlier in the day, Gov. Larry Hogan made similar remarks, writing on Twitter “Baltimore showed the nation how to assemble to promote positive change.”

Read the latest coverage of the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis from WCCO-TV | CBS Minnesota.

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  1. someone who cares says:

    yeah, right…………and the story after this one is “12 Adults, 2 Juveniles Arrested After Businesses Were Damaged In Downtown Baltimore Overnight, Police Say”

    I am all for PEACEFUL protests, but when people start vandalizing, looting & destroying property, that is too far and you are not protesting, you are just using a good cause to be a problem. Yes, there are problems w/ police, but looting a shoe store will not fix them. The owner of the shoe store did not kill Floyd! In fact, he or she is probably hurting from having to be closed due to COVID.

    Most cops are like most citizens, they are good people who do a good job. There is no reason to destroy police property either, the issue is to hold them accountable when they don’t follow their own rules & break the law.

    We have over 100,000 Americans dead of the virus, rioting in the streets & massive unemployment while Trump (whose admin is whiter than white) plays golf & tweets that he wants to shoot down people in the streets- protest that when you vote this fall! Lots of people in this county fought hard and some died so women and people of color got the right to vote, so be sure to use it!

    1. Steph Miller says:

      Yes, if you were honest SWC you also would acknowledge that these same riots happened for the last 8 years under Obama. So, yes we will vote and most will vote for Trump again because the Democrats are failures. Biden can’t even remember his name or what country his lives in. These riots are orchestrated by far left groups that are trying to change our country into communism, but you probably didn’t know that or maybe you do know but it doesn’t fit your agenda. By the way, Obama constantly played golf with his lily white buddies, and his wife was constantly on vacation. So, what is your point exactly?

  2. SWC says:

    The demonstrations are not orchestrated by anyone, people feel like it, they go. They are not like those staged Trump “rallies” where people and paid and given shirts & hats to wear and signs to wave- talk about staged! Nobody asked me to go, I just went. Each person has their own reason for going. Trump will not get reelected take a look around, he has driven this country into the ground and he is very unpopular. Trump did criticize Obama for playing golf, but he has played far more golf than Obama did & that’s a fact. He has played golf 251 times so far- yes, people keep track. (Obama played 306 times in his 8 years.) He has been to Mar A Lago 127 times…at taxpayer expense. Just to fly our plane (taxpayers pay for Airforce one) to Mar A Lago costs about $60,000. Trump said “But because I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go golfing, believe me. Believe me. Believe me, folks.” In other words, HUGE LIE!!!!!!!! Seriously, he said that and he has played MORE golf than Obama??????? Is that honesty and integrity? Nope, just lies, lies that Trump supporters swallow hook, line & sinker LOL! BTW, Michelle Obama did NOT charge taxpayers fer her European vacation w/ her daughters, she paid for that herself. Melania’s extended African holiday? Taxpayers paid for that- facts look them up. Trump bills us for Secret Service entourage expenses at his own properties! How many weeks we he on vacation in NJ? Yup, goes to his own properties then bills us for it!

    I absolutely never said that no riots happened under Obama, where do you get that? The Freddie Gray riots happened right here in 2015, remember that? It is kind of humorous how you equate being a Democrat or Independent to being a “communist”. Highest estimates are the US Communist party has 10,000 members- sure are way more people out there than that. It’s just a word Trumpers throw around that they do not even understand and, BTW it is perfectly legal to be one. I am not one, I have been registered as an Independent for over 40 years. but I switched to Democrat after the 2016 elections.

    LOL, apparently Trump can’t even remember he promised he would work too hard to have time to play golf! Hey, at least Biden can spell!

  3. Not voting for trump!!!!! says:

    I had to laugh reading these- today Trump said he was an “ally of all peaceful protesters” and then he had nearby ones in DC shot w/ rubber bullets, gassed & flash bang grenades thrown at them- violating their right to peaceful assembly.

    TRUMP IS A FUC&$&IN’ LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He should go back to his bunker and just stay there. He was too scared to address the crown, he had them attacked instead.

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