BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Orioles pitcher David Hess and his wife Devin added their voices to the chorus of figures from the sports world urging change and justice following George Floyd’s death.

The 26-year-old Hess took to Twitter Monday saying that he and his wife have been “thinking, talking and praying” over how to respond to the protests that have swept across the country in the wake of Floyd’s death. His wife Devin posted a statement to her account, which Hess then reposted to his own saying he wants to echo what she said.

The full text of the note reads as follows:

“It’s difficult to speak up about issues that inspire so much debate but I feel I cannot be silent about this issue and I believe silence is the reason these disturbing circumstances are still present today. I’m urging you to please search your heart for bias, I’m urging you to please educate yourself on the systematic racism that has been present for decades and is still present today, I’m urging you to talk to a black friend about their personal experiences & even though violent riots are not okay I’m urging you to view them through a lens of compassion and grace and direct your anger and attention to the real problem. In my lifetime I have never seen our country so vocal and united on this issues and there’s never been a better time to use our voices to combat racism. Let’s fight this.”

The post also included a photo showing a spray painted message of “Racism is real. Silence is compliance”.


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