Hi Everyone!

More time than not I use this blog to have some fun, or weather wise, keep it light. Today not so much. I really need to bring up a point 24 hours in advance of the first hot weather of the season — hot and humid weather to be exact. And not only of the season, but of the COVID pandemic.

We all have face masks. We are using them. Face coverings work. But, they are stuffy on a good day. Now drop in 94 humid degrees tomorrow, and near 90 humid degrees Thursday and Friday, and you can see the problem on that horizon. The temptation of remove the mask, or keep it dangling when you should be covered will be there. This will be a test of resolve. You can count on it. Just be aware and mentally prepare.

We will also be dealing with passing showers and thunderstorms too. You may want to keep a second mask with you, and being caught in a downpour will wet that covering, and that would get real uncomfortable. Just another thought.

Full of good news today aren’t I. At least with this alert not full of it. Be safe, and well.



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