BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Drew Brees’ comments in an interview with Yahoo Finance Wednesday have drawn the ire of athletes across the sports world. The reaction drove Brees to apologize in a long Instagram post Thursday morning, saying that it “breaks my heart to know the pain I have caused.”

Former Baltimore Ravens cornerback and current ESPN analyst Domonique Foxworth appeared on ESPN’s Get Up this morning discussing both Brees’ comments and the apology. Foxworth said that Brees’ relationship with his teammates will likely be fine as they have a previous relationship with him. But, he says those comments are likely to be a “burden” on Brees throughout the season.

“In their team meeting today, he’ll probably deliver some impassioned speech about how he’s sorry and they’ll forgive him and they’ll go on to work together. I don’t know that it’s going to impact the way they work on the field together. I do however think that it’s going to be a burden for Drew all season long. I’m certainly not crying for Drew, burden is an interesting word because the black community has been holding on to a burden for quite some time. But, I think there is going to be an emotional tax on him all season in every city he goes to, including his own,” said Foxworth. “People are not all going to forgive him because not everybody has this relationship with him. He has a history of other issues like this or other things that people can take issue with. I think that the reaction to Drew Brees is not just going to go away with this apology.”

Foxworth went on to say that the team itself will likely be fine because as a locker room, they’ll figure it out and most are likely to extend him some leniency since they like Drew as a person. But, Foxworth believes the questions Brees will get on the road, the likely taunts coming from opposing players, and the boos he is likely to hear will take a toll. That’s not to say that if the Saints don’t live up to expectations this season that it’s because of Brees’ comments. But it could take a toll on Brees’ play, though in the end what Foxworth hopes happens has nothing to do with play on the field. His hope is that Brees will learn from this and become a better person.

“I do think, him having to answer these questions in every city, him being booed by lots of fans, him getting probably taunted by opposing defenses and people treating him in different ways, it’s going to be a tax on him and his family. The way that his kids may have to deal with people talking to them about this,” said Foxworth. “It’s going to be a tax on him. I think that he may not be as good as he can be but I don’t think if this team falls short, it’s going to be because they can’t figure out a way to work together. Hopefully, at the end of the day he learns from this and becomes a better person.”

  1. King Julian says:

    he has changed, to a man that stands for nothing, just a coward when you have to apologize for what you say and believe.

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