BETHESDA, Md. (WJZ) — Police have arrested and charged a man who they say assaulted a group of people who were hanging pro-Black Lives Matter flyers along a trail in Bethesda earlier this week.

Detectives from the Maryland-National Capital Park Police have arrested and charged Anthony Brennan III, 60, of Kensington, Maryland, with three counts of second-degree assault. The assaults occurred on Monday, June 1.

Police said a man and two young women were hanging flyers supporting the Black Lives Matter movement along the Capital Crescent Trail near the Dalecarlia Trail around 12:45 p.m. Monday when they were approached by the suspect who began arguing with them about the flyers.

Suspect Sought For Allegedly Assaulting Trio Hanging Pro-Black Lives Matter Flyers Along Trail In Bethesda

The suspect allegedly grabbed the flyers from one of the victims before pushing his bike and charging at them, causing one of the victims to fall down.

Police said Detectives in the Investigative Section utilized various sources to further corroborate the information provided by the community before developing Mr. Brennan as a primary suspect.

Contact was made with Brennan and his legal counsel early Friday. Consent was provided to search his home while members of the State’s Attorney’s Office and Park Police were present.

Items of evidentiary value were seized. A subsequent arrest warrant was obtained and served on Brennan after he voluntarily turned himself into detectives.

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    He will probably plead insanity as he had to be to do that- they were putting up fliers not selling crack

  2. Maria Ford says:

    Sometimes we need to keep our eyes on people that do these types of things .I cannot imagine a grown man let’s hacking teenagers over something so simple What needs to happen Is that their family need to see him and hit him in his pockets maybe he would mind in business His employer You got their employee to see what type of person they have working for them He will do this again and again Because he can I do not believe that this was the 1st time he did something to someone If he attacks someone of his own race what will he do to someone of another race

    1. King Julian says:

      yeah hit him in his pockets just like the rioters do to business owners, you don’t know the facts and i don’t either, just wait before you convict.

  3. Matty Hilda says:

    Why is he arrested for protesting, yet everyone else smashing windows, breaking locks and ruining mom and pop stores aren’t? Are there different rules when white protests?

    1. sugould says:

      He was not arrested for “protesting.” He was arrested for assault and battery, and of a minor, at that. This is not an “either/or” situation. Police can still go after looter AND protect a child from an out of control, angry man. He doesn’t get a “pass” for being white. Not this time.

  4. Mark says:

    Black lives matter is a domestic terrorist group, working side by side with Antifa, another terror group.., funded by the big terrorist group of the democratic party!

  5. Mark says:

    Black males are 6% of the population and commit over 50% of all crimes.., America has a black terrorist problem that needs to be address

  6. Mark says:

    This video is most likely fake..,

  7. Bill Smiths says:

    Them stupid kids don’t have a clue wait to they get older and let’s see what tune the sing then. I don’t blame the guy because people are tired of the BLM scam of lies, if they cared how come they did march on Baltimore for the 12 black people shot last weekend…….oh no wait that’s black on black that doesn’t count. Give me a break…get real people.

  8. Fred Griffin says:

    The Bible says all lives matter, are you calling God a terrorist?

    PS- your literacy skills are a disgrace! My 8 year old grandson can correct you LOL

  9. PD says:

    People engaging in the peaceful protests are not “rioting” nor are they looters. Looters will take advantage of any situation like this, a hurricane, parade or whatever that diverts law enforcement to commit crimes. Looters generally arrive w/ burglary tools w/ the intention to break into businesses. They use whatever event or emergency going on as a cover.

    The millions of people protesting worldwide are doing just that, they are not committing any crimes and are not rioters or looters. Businesses and homes get broken into every day of the year. Most businesses and homeowners have insurance to cover damage & thefts.

    Bill Smiths- got to agree, check into PLUS (Project Literacy US) teaches adults literacy skills.

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