ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A top-ranking State lawmaker in Maryland is proposing sweeping police reform in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

In a letter to his fellow lawmakers, Senator Will Smith calls the system broken.

The Montgomery County Democrat and Chairman of the Judicial Proceedings Committee is calling for things like banning violent police tactics, making the disciplinary records of officers public and expanded training.

Smith said his goal is to make changes that ensure officers carry out their jobs properly and safely.

  1. Fred Griffin says:

    Most officers are well trained and are great, but they do need to get rid of the bad ones or retrain them. I just watched video of an officer in another state shoving an unarmed 75 year old elderly man to the ground who did NOTHING to threaten the officers. He had no weapon, he did not poke, punch, hit or in any way hurt the officers or initiate contact. If he was breaking the law by being there, fine, arrest him, but do not shove him to the ground & walk on. He was unconscious and bleeding from the head as officers walked by and did not use their training to apply first aid. He is in the hospital now. It’s hard to respect that kind of police officers. If you have a short fuse or no compassion for others or are not willing to render first aid you are trained for when needed, you should not be a cop period.


    Police are there to serve and protect and arrest those who break the law, they are not there to dole out the punishments, we have courts for that. Think about your dad or granddad and how you would feel about having them shoved to the ground and then cops just walk by while they are bleeding profusely from the head.

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