MIDDLE RIVER, Md. (WJZ) — The owner of Vince’s Crabhouse is under fire after comments he made on Facebook Monday night regarding the nationwide protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis drew significant condemnation.

The post from Vince Meyer reads, “there is one place I bet protesters/rioters won’t light on fire or break into or even block the road to…the social services building.”

The post went viral, and over the weekend protesters went to Meyer’s Middle River and Fallston locations to express their frustration. On Sunday, some of those protesters held signs with images of some of Meyer’s other Facebook posts.

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A protester holds up a sign showing one of Vince’s Crabhouse owner Vice Meyer’s controversial Facebook posts.

“I have to speak not for myself but for my children and my community,” protester and small business owner Suzette Scott-Finnerty said. “I will not spend any more of my hard-earned dollars in this business.”

Another protester, Deon Thornton, said this public display of disagreement was peaceful.

“You can’t construct something by deconstructing something. That’s not how it works; we don’t wish to cause harm to anybody,” Thornton said.

As the group chanted “No justice, no peace,” and “No more black dollars,” Meyer posted an apology video on Facebook, saying he hopes to regain the trust of the community he serves.

In the video, he acknowledged 75 percent of his customers are black.

“I know an apology is not enough — we’re going to be shutting down for at least nine days to show some respect to George Floyd,” Meyer said when WJZ went to the protest and he addressed the crowd.

On Facebook, Meyer added, “I consider myself really close to the black community so it’s really hitting home.”

Many protesters think the apology is too little, too late.

“That apology wasn’t sincere. He’s sorry he got caught, he’s not sorry he said any of that. He’s sorry we’re out here peacefully holding him accountable,” Scott-Finnerty said.

Read the latest coverage of the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis from WCCO-TV | CBS Minnesota.

Rachael Cardin

Comments (21)
  1. Bill Smiths says:

    Big deal……I don’t see nothing wrong with what he said, because you know if the owner was black NOTHING would be said. These protester are a JOKE why didn’t they protest over the twelve people shot in Baltimore City last weekend…….Oh……no wait that’s black on black can’t talk about that.

    1. DARIUS C COLLINS says:

      Of course you see nothing wrong with what was said. You’re racist as well.. The protest you speak of is against police brutality and injustice. Where the F*** is your protest for white on white crime?? Since you speak on black on black..

      1. In Vhalid says:

        Yeah, yeah, yeah…the default argument of finger pointing and yelling “racist” if you simply don’t agree on something. Pitiful.

      2. Mr. Gerth Brooks says:

        If groups like BLM are going to cry racism every time a person makes a joke to their friends as I am sure many blacks have in regards to the crazy behavior by these criminals that are rioting racism will surely lose its meaning. This is the exact kind of joke that Dave Chapel would have made on his show and it would have been perfectly acceptable. Here is another perfectly good example of a stereotype that is funny and sort of true depending where you live. Get a life people and find a real cause and make better use of your time to help your community. How about tutoring all of these kids that can’t read! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMJWeluZ3tI

    2. Sandra Rivera says:

      i see nothing wrong with that, I said that myself. I’m also black so it’s not racist.

  2. Karen Bradshaw says:

    Blah blah blah, he speaks the truth.

    1. DARIUS C COLLINS says:

      Karen you can meet us at any one of his locations if you got something to say as well, This is the perfect time to speak up…

  3. Mike B says:

    He should have handed out job applications they would have left.

    1. DARIUS C COLLINS says:

      Absolutely, because he will need all the help in the world when we done with him! 🙂

  4. Mark says:

    Don’t let wjz lie to you! There were radicals in that black lives matter protest.., Fox 45 news interviewed a hardcore black supremacist, spewing her race war fantasies, who later, made her way face to face with Vince, spewing her black supremacist, Conspiracy theories and terrorism in the Crab house.., chanting “burn this place down”.., Fox 45 obviously edited that out.., Black lives matter are a bunch of hypocrites racist, posing as a peaceful group.., Pull up all these black protesters histories on media, etc.., you will find their racism and hatred.., These people don’t care about George Floyd, who was a pos himself.., They are only lashing out because the cop has the same skin tone of the people they hate..,

    Can someone explain how the group that commits Over 50% of all homicides. 90% of the interracial attacks between blacks and whites. The highest rate of rape. The highest rate of assault. Homicide of thousands of other blacks annually. The highest hate crime rate, and over 33% of police killings.., get to call themselves victims? The dishonest media, local and national, has to keep the narrative of the perpetrator being the victim.

    I agree police brutality needs to be addressed.., Soon as it was made about race, I didn’t support the movement. Imagine having such a narrow view! These people are stuck in their own echo chambers, letting the dishonest media paint their reality.., More whites are killed at a higher rate by police than blacks.., And blacks commit crime at a higher rate. Where was the outrage when the police officers killed Tony Timpa, with a knee in the back for 14 minutes? As they laughed and made jokes!

    1. DARIUS C COLLINS says:

      Hey mark with all that bs you talking about! First of all that s#it made no sense at all. What mfs not gonna do is set up shop here and think they are going to be racist against majority of their customers. That’s DEAD. You said Floyd was a pos. I highly doubt that you knew him personally but go head talk yo stuff till you get walked up on for this mouth of yours! Nice day.

      1. Civil T. Perkins says:

        It would be much easier to open a line of civil communication, and discuss these matters, if your replies were not filled with ire and hate against a particular race. It also helps if you try to introduce an original thought, and (again), not messages filled with hate and ire and pseduo-threats of violence.

        Let me ask you, what “victory” would it serve to see this – or any – business “shut down”? How does that serve the community? How does that start to close the divide?

        Same question on the burning of police cars, looting of stores, assaults against those who don’t agree with your opinion?

    2. Annie Oakley says:

      I sympathize with the frustration concerning true racism vs. political racism (that which deliberately foments racial divide and anger to achieve a self-serving objective). I disagree with much of the messaging from these protesters. It is based upon hyperbole, radicalism and self-importance.

      Nonetheless, I am also weary of the constant invocation of presumed valid statistics as justification and explanation for police misconduct. They are not helpful toward constructive discussion and mutual understanding. (I think Darius C. Collins’ response to your comment bears that out.) But, nor do I appreciate the multiple gratuitous “apologies” that merely serve to deny anyone’s right to free expression, and deepens the divide, accomplishing nothing.

      Ultimately, we are all flawed human beings just trying to live our lives as best we know how, and the color of skin should not be the focus. Actions and character are what matters, IMHO.

  5. random black person says:

    his comment was probably more insensitive to poor people than specifically black people. I’m black and above middle class (have a 6 fig job in healthcare) so i’ve had a hard time in my own community my views on everything are much the same but slightly different than those who are black and poor or even middle class. It should’t be that way but it is. If i bring up the problem black on black crime or simply “crime”, or lack of education of my people i’m called a co*n or uncle tom. But i still face the stress of being racially profiled by whites and other groups. so yeah just brining up that its hard to be black and have any type of a view because you are beaten down on all sides.

    1. Liar, liar pants on fire.


    Thanks WJZ for letting us know. I certainly will not be spending any more money there. This is Maryland, lots of great places to get some crabs. If he can afford to lose so many customers, then good for him. We don’t need any racists.

    The protests are peaceful, they are not riots nor are they just Black people or people who do not think Baltimore has a crime problem, because it does. We know that and people are also upset about it. Lots of people of all walks of life need social services at some point in their lives & many who receive them are children. Do you seriously think all Black people are on welfare????????? Wake up! Protesters come in all colors and ages, from all walks of life.

    BTW, Vince, I am a retired college professor (w/ disposable income for dining out & expensive seafood) and back during the Reagan admin just after we got married my husband got laid off from GM and we indeed did need social services & we raided McD’s dumpsters just after they closed for leftover wrapped sandwiches. It can happen to anyone and Trump’s economy is booming for the uber rich folks, not everyone. A lot of people are out of work right now due to Trump’s poor handling of COVID.

    We will NOT be patronizing any of your businesses again, a lot of people won’t. If you end up out of business and broke, make sure you never collect a dime from anyone, but don’t forget McD’s dumpsters!

    Just ignore the racist supernumeraries here.

    1. chandler2305 says:

      You said protesters come in all colors and ages and I would agree with you. Have you considered the idea that perhaps Vince does as well?

  7. Bill Smiths says:

    I think those protester should go to North Ave & Penn and protest against the 12 people shot and killed last weekend instead of messing with some store owner.

  8. Bill says:

    Say what ever you want freedom of speech works both ways! Vince’s has NOTHING to apologize for!

  9. Wake up says:

    Vince get’s what Vince deserves!

  10. At a time when restaurant owners that are good people are in deep financial trouble, they don’t need competition from one that doesn’t respect the people he takes money from. Sorry Vince, maybe you should open some crab houses in all white communities.

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