BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore Ravens released a video Friday afternoon calling for Americans to listen to the pain of the people protesting calling for an end to racism and police brutality.

The video, filled with clips of players, coaches and front office staff discussing the current events unfolding in the country, calls for America to be better and for people to listen to those calling for social justice.

“I saw the Ahmaud Arbery video seven to 10 days before I saw George Floyd. Like most of you, I’m sure, watching those videos shook you and shook me to my core. It made me sick. It made me angry. It was the most despicable thing I had ever seen,” Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said “I’m lucky enough through my ownership of this wonderful franchise to have gotten close enough to these wonderful young men to see and hear their heart. All they’re asking for right now is to be heard. I want to ask all of you individually to listen.”

The video then went into clips of the players discussing their experiences in America.

“The concept of America from the founding fathers is beautiful,” new defensive end Calais Campbell said. “But the ideal of it is something that a lot of black people haven’t really experienced in our history.”

Former general manager Ozzie Newsome gave his experience and also a powerful quote for fans to consider.

“Black lives matter in all places, not just stadiums, gyms and ballparks,” Newsome said. “I grew up in Alabama in the 60s and the 70s. I saw segregation, integration and racism. I saw water fountains for ‘white only’ and other ones for ‘colored people only.’ America has made strides, but we have a long ways to go to secure the victory.”

As the video went on, the players and coaches not only described their experiences, but called for America to live up to the ideals set forth by the founding fathers of all men being created equal. Quarterback Lamar Jackson echoed Bisciotti’s call for people to listen to each other and to learn.

“I feel like we all need to come together, to learn from each other,” Jackson said. “I feel like then the world will be more peaceful. You never know what you can learn from one another.”

Team president Dick Cass said that the team is committed to working to achieve racial justice.

“Long after the protests end, much work will remain to be done,” Cass said. “As an organization we are committed to a long-term, sustained effort to achieve racial justice for all Americans.”

Finally, the video ends with Bisciotti calling on Americans to ask uncomfortable questions that he says will lead to only one conclusion.

“Ask the questions. Ask the uncomfortable questions. And you will come to the conclusion, I hope, that I have. You don’t feel it enough and you don’t live it enough if you’re not willing to say it: Black Lives Matter.”

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  1. starr3214 says:

    I would love to see the black athletes and wealth blacks to stand up for America, and to start these interracial discussions. But, we must be honest and listen t all sides and look at crime stats. And all lives matter, and all black lives matter, and it is not BLM which is a rich group seeking anarchy in America backed by communists and Soros. If they will admit that and separate the blm from the BLM we might have a chance.

  2. King Julian says:


  3. Mike McFadden says:

    No idea what is meant by the previous post, but I thought it was a fantastic video. Something very different is happening in America right now. I think the racist are losing, in large part because Cops are now assaulting white ppl! I saw a little white girl (teenager) jump in front of a black kid as the cops approached. She said that he should use her privilege! WHAT? What is happening? I saw Ravens fans boo the sight of black men & white men locking arms before a game. First time in my life I was ashamed to be from Baltimore! Unfortunately, I understood the motivation of the booing fans, but THIS. I haven’t got a clue, but I’m very, very encouraged!

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