BALTIMORE (WJZ) — BARCS Animal Shelter is in the process of rescuing more than 130 cats from an elderly woman’s home.

According to the shelter, the Baltimore woman had recently lost her husband and is supposed to move to hospice care, but she wanted to make sure her cats found good homes so she called Baltimore City Animal Control.

When animal control officers arrived they were shocked to find more than 130 cats in the woman’s home.

“The conditions inside of the woman’s house were overwhelming; it was clear her situation had been out of control for quite some time,” BARCS wrote in a post. “We are here to help this owner going into hospice care find peace—she can rest knowing that her beloved family members will be cared for.”

Despite already having 175 cats in their care, BARCS took in these cats and treating the ones that need immediate medical attention.

They said many of the cats are poor health and need long-term treatment, nearly all of the cats are undersocialized and very afraid.

“While we are able to care for most of the cats in our own medical wing, we need donors to help us with the costs associated with this very large intake of cats,” BARCS said in a post.

The shelter is looking for donations to help them care for these cats. You can donate to the BARCS’ Medical Care Fund by clicking this link:


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