DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) — A Maryland congressman says he will ask the Department of Justice to investigate a fine placed on a Dundalk church after it operated during the coronavirus stay at home order.

In a statement to WJZ, Republican Congressman Andy Harris said, “If Baltimore County does not withdraw the fine by the time of the hearing on Tuesday, I do intend to ask the DOJ to investigate.”

Sunday services were held at Calvary Baptist Church on May 24 despite the county’s order.

“Our people were just ready to come back to church,” said Pastor Stacey Shiflett, with Calvary Baptist Church.

The church was checking temperatures and handing out liability waivers as worshippers arrived.

Dundalk Pastor Rips Up Cease-And-Desist Order, Vows To Continue Sunday Services Despite Coronavirus Shutdowns

Pastor Shiflett ripped up a cease and desist order earlier that week, vowing to defy the COVID shutdown.

“I’m tearing up this cease and desist order right now and I’m telling you right now we’re gonna do it God’s way,” Shiflett said in a Twitter video.

At that time, Baltimore County was restriction the gathering of 10 or more people indoors, including in churches.

“If Walmart’s open it’s time for the churches to be open,” said David Gibbs III, attorney for Calvary Baptist Church, at the time.

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  1. King Julian says:

    hey Andy can you look into my red light ticket , I don’t like that law and should not have to pay

  2. John Brown says:

    WJZ, why are you being a mouthpiece for this joke of a Congressman? Even the Governor from his own party thinks he is crazy, and says as much.

    This reads like an Andy Harris press release with only one relevant sentence of reporting at the end that there were legal restrictions limiting more than 10 people at the time the church violated the order and chose to hold services anyway.

    Clearly the church in question thought they were more special than all of the other churches in the state that were following the restrictions. They violated the law and got fined for it. That is more than fair considering they put the public at risk — regardless of their “waivers”.

    Now Andy Harris wants the Federal DOJ to investigate? Investigate what exactly? How the church broke the law, or how the pastor ripped up the C&D on camera in his own personal pretend Oscar moment? If the pastor only recognizes God’s law and not the state’s, then why exactly is Harris wasting the state’s time? The pastor can’t have it both ways.

    I guess we should at least be thankful that Harris is focusing on his own district this time around and not for example, what the citizens of DC are doing.

    MD-01 deserves better than Andy Harris. He’s an embarrassment to Maryland. He lives only to pull stunts like this.

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